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Are Hosted Virtual Desktops Good for Accountants?

Hosted virtual desktop involves a desktop being hosted on a network which is made available to the user. Most of the virtual desktops are usually hosted by very powerful servers in at least two data centers.

With a hosted desktop solution the user has minimum obligation in terms of software, hardware, data storage and maintenance. It is the responsibility of the service provider to look after whole the IT service requirements. Whether it is installing software’s, updates, applications or even hardware update the hosting company does all that.

Hosted desktop solutions are very important for the business sector. It is applicable in different fields with varied apps available.

Importance to the accountancy

A hosted virtual desktop is very important for accountants for so many reasons;

  • Hosted desktop solutions provide high tech security measures to your data. The hosting servers are usually located in two centralized zones. This ensures that if one server is down then you will still access your data using the other server.
  • Hosted desktop solutions help to cut down on costs, for instance the business operation cost. Replacing local remote desktops with cloud hosted desktops help to reduce running cost to at least %30. Energy costs as well as maintenance cost are greatly reduced.
  • With a cloud hosted desktop you only pay for what you need, this means that unnecessary expenditures are reduced hence reducing the business running cost.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest software products is a problem for business owners since it also requires hardware consideration. However, with a hosted desktop solution you don’t need any hardware upgrade. Technical support is also not necessary since the hosting provider does all technical work.
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