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marine system diagram
Time is considered as one of the most important aspects on the land, sea or space. This is the main reason why scientists have invented marine clocks. These clocks help sailors or cruise and cargo ships to know the exact time when they enter a different time-zone. Through the help of these clocks sailors can easily note down the local and international time.

How do these clocks work?

These clocks have a main system called as modulated time central which is basically connected with the help of Global Positioning System and a computer. The GPS will track the real time position of the cruise or cargo ship which provides the exact time to the sailor.

The Modulated time central device is also connected with digital and analogue clocks which tell exact time to the sailor. One can also watch time on a minute impulse clock for international and local time zone. Furthermore, the digital minute clock will also help in increasing and decreasing the time according to the sea travel.

What are few benefits of these clocks?

Through the help of these clocks, cargos can easily track the time when they pass through different time meridians. This process helps them in quick delivery of the products to their customers. Furthermore, these clocks have in-build positioning systems which help the ship to known in which time meridian it is, if in case it gets lost in the ocean. Through the help of GPS, ships will also be able to know the coast which is close to the ship.

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