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Top 4 Trending Types Of Women Shoes

When refreshing your wardrobe, you should also clear out the shoes which are not in trend anymore. While selecting shoes, you should make sure that they are comfortable as well as stylish enough to be paired with your dresses. Here are top four trending styles of shoes that you should keep in your wardrobe:

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Oxfords – Not just for men but Oxfords are also for women as they are extremely classy and pure to be matched with any beautiful casual wear. Although they were initially worn as formal wear but with time the style and designs have evolved and you can wear it with a suitable and casual outfit.

Trainers – They are ideal sports shoes as they can be used for all purposes i.e. for playing, running, gym and they can also be used as stylish sneakers as the colorful print and patterns on such shoes are too good that you can pair it with your casual dress.

Court Shoes – Also known as pump shoes, are the traditional footwear of the opera artists. These stylish shoes are now in great trend and you can wear them on a party evening. They can be perfectly matched with any silk dress like evening gowns or they can also be paired with any velvet dress.

Loafers – it is the footwear styles that you should have in your wardrobe. They are considered as the most popular types of slip-ons for women and they can be paired with formal as well as casual dresses.

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